Altus Media Group is an innovative and rapidly growing online advertising network. We place great importance on performance-driven campaigns through which our users can get their products to millions of customers.


I'd like to advertise my product or service in front of the right customer via desktop or mobile device.


I’m an app developer, mailer, media buyer, or web master looking to promote top converting offers to the online masses.

Our Services

We guarantee a highly targeted and efficient traffic model for our advertisers on a performance based protocol. We can also help you meet your objectives through an array of mediums, including the latest versions of Android, iOS, and Windows.


- President of AMG

The global online marketing space has completely evolved in so many ways that “connectivity” has become ubiquitous, without losing its commodity. At Altus Media Group, we’re coming to work every day to extract and refine this value. Whether it’s through our proprietary distribution or digital media channels; we’ve developed a robust acumen of tools that can help monetize and scale any business, while paying dividends toward your brand’s equity.

Our Unique Marketing Model Allows You To

Reach Your Targets

Reach Your Targets

It’s all about reaching your target audience! Getting your product or service placement in front of the right customers shouldn’t have to be a challenge.

Maximize Your Revenue

Maximize Your Revenue

We guarantee a highly efficient and scalable traffic model for acquiring online customers. Our solutions can help grow any business looking to increase their ROI with 0% of the risk. Through a series of A & B testing, we’re able to hone in on the media channels that can generate the greatest value without increasing your overhead.

Meet Your Goals

Meet Your Goals

Looking for an agency that can help take you to the next level? Our team of experienced managers have years of industry experience and can help turn around launch dates in as little as 24hours. If you’re currently underdelivering on your sales goals and need a solution that can double your funnel with quality subscribers, we’re here to help!

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