The right affiliate program can provide a well-balanced media strategy to drive consistent quality traffic be it through email, display, search, mobile, or other forms of desired media. As a publisher, the key to growing your revenue and maximizing profits is unique to every vertical but it’s been proven that carefully selected brands help build better returns on your investment. Altus Media Group focuses on being different in that we leverage our agency’s ability to bring in key advertisers that few other online companies can effectively service. We give you access to hundreds of offers, many from major brands in high-performing verticals.

Real Time Reporting

Altus Media Group works with the best performance based advertisers and agencies, bringing relevant offers  from top brands to each of your users. We understand the speed of your business and offer a real-time reporting system with diverse options. This allows you to monitor the revenue generated through your partnership with us, at anytime.

Dedicated Team

Facilitated by real time reporting, our proactive and dedicated team makes it their mission to never leave you worried or wondering about the status of your data, inventory, or campaigns. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned affiliate, we will walk you through the complete process and effectively communicate campaign goals in order to get the best ROI possible on your assets.

Quality & Integrity

Altus Media group prides itself in maintaining the highest integrity and commitment to best practices, so you can rest assure that we provide a Brand-Safe and transparent environment. Our initiative is to raise the bar on advertisers and offers to ensure the highest quality for you and your users.

Education Focus

We work hand in hand with some of the top education lead buyers and post secondary schools in the for-profit, public and private sector. Our established leadership in the education vertical and emphasis on long-standing partnerships enable us to stay at the forefront of student recruitment and retention initiatives.

Program Admission

Remember that real relationships require work, once approved we will ensure your visibility and exposure to some of the most sought after campaigns in the affiliate space . For more information please use the “contact us” tab so that we can address any additional questions you may have.