About Us

Altus Media Group is a top tier performance network that provides personal service, top advertisers, qualified affiliates, exclusive offers, and the latest in performance technology needed to maximize the value of your audience. Our marketing approach gives head way through the delivery of relevant offers to each of your users. We understand the speed of your business and offer real-time reporting along with diverse analysis options which allow you to monitor the revenue generated through your partnership with our network.

Network Media

Altus Media Group uses targeted media to engage consumers with the right message through the appropriate avenues of delivery. We are a digital distribution network that effectively targets your audience with a multi-channel solution combining; Display, Email, Call Center, Host and Post, PPV, Social Media and Mobile traffic.


Email marketing is one of the most comprehensive methods of allowing you to reach a desired audience right through their inbox. One of the oldest yet effective ways of assuring a higher rate of return on conversions is through email. We deliver both customized and generic messages to your consumers throughout the marketing lifecycle; identifying conversions with an emphasis on call to action.


Still one of the most prominent methods of aggregating consumers in the affiliate space is through display traffic. We leverage both behavioral and contextual targeting to engage users who have the highest propensity to convert from leads into consumers. Once identified, we target them through our carefully selected placements and bring them directly to you.

Hosted Traffic

One of the most common forms of online ad placements is through host and post. This type of lead generation is also known as ‘white labeling’. It involves a process in which the publisher hosts the advertiser’s form on his/her web page and then sends data to the advertiser. Publishers may transfer data to the advertiser through a variety of formats, ranging from batch filing to live submissions.

Call Center

Raise and secure your consumer contact-ability through call center lead generation. Over time, call center methods of lead generation have grown ever more sophisticated, allowing data to post in real time, accompanied by audio file relay for quality assurance.


Let your Ads pop up first with PPV (pay per view) traffic. Whether you’re looking for your product in a search engine or typing the web address of a popular site in that niche, our PPV traffic can help meet this demand.

Emerging Media


Notice any changes in the industry? Mobile traffic is just one more way of effectively targeting your audience from the hand held device of today’s on the go consumer. It’s estimated that after 5:00pm, desktop usage goes down and mobile usage begins to light up the charts. As this avenue of media continues to grow, we are constantly exploring new methods of traffic that expand your reach beyond the desktop.

Social Networks

In recent years, social media has proven to be a consistent denominator in reaching targeted online communities. We leverage social media partners who have the ability and experience to reach and engage this type of consumer.